Do Ferrets Need Bedding? With Considerations!

Ferrets sleep 12–18 hours a day and are the best nappers ever. They put a priority on having a warm, dark place to sleep. Common household items such as a t-shirt, towel, blanket, or cloth bag can transform an ordinary area into a comfortable retreat.

But, do ferrets need bedding? They don’t but you can make the space cozy by using bedding. However, in such a case, you must be careful as there is a possibility of ingesting cloth.

Some people use high-quality hay or shredded paper as bedding for ferrets to have a more grounded sleep. Want to know more about ferret bedding? Read on!

Do Ferrets Need Bedding – What Things To Consider?

Do Ferrets Need Bedding

Ferret bedding can’t be something you choose on the go. As there are choking hazards related to the material, you need to keep some considerations in mind.

  • Cleanliness And Toxicity

To ensure the safety of your ferret, it is important to choose bedding that is clean, absorbent, non-toxic, and devoid of odors. Line it with recycled paper goods or use aspen shavings; both are great options. With these materials, you may rest assured that your beloved pet will be safe and comfortable.

  • Stay Away From Harmful Bedding

Some bedding might be toxic to ferrets, therefore it’s best to avoid them. For instance, cedar shavings may irritate the skin due to the presence of harmful substances.

Mold grows easily on corncob bedding, which can cause gastrointestinal issues if consumed. You should stay away from pine shavings and sawdust since they irritate the eyes and respiratory system.

  • Nesting Comfort

Make sure the ferret has plenty of bedding and nesting material since it loves to burrow and relax. In addition to providing relief, this aids in the absorption of pee.

Nesting materials such as shredded tissue or paper towels work wonderfully. Fluffy cotton wool items sold in stores, on the other hand, aren’t digestible and can cause gastrointestinal problems if consumed.

  • Paper Bedding

Ferrets can safely use paper bedding, like high-quality hay or shredded paper. This alternative is both natural and absorbent, making it a great place for your ferret to play and nest. Line the floor with wood shavings and newspaper to make it cleaner. Your beloved pet will be comfortable and clean in this set.

Is Paper Bedding Safe For Ferrets?

Yes, paper bedding is safe for ferrets. Paper bedding is a common and secure choice for these adorable companions’ bedding needs. 

There are a variety of paper bedding options available for ferrets, such as shredded paper, recycled paper products, and other environmentally friendly choices. A ferret’s cage can be made more comfortable with the help of these materials.

There are several reasons why ferrets can safely use paper bedding. First of all, it is safe for use in the home because it is non-toxic, absorbent, and clean.

Also, paper bedding alternatives do not have any potentially toxic compounds that other bedding materials may include. Paper bedding is also safe for your pet’s respiratory system, so it’s a good option for their health.

Shredded paper, recycled paper goods, or aspen shavings are all safe and clean choices to start with. You can spread the bedding material out on the bottom of your ferret’s cage so it has a comfy place to walk, relax, and play.

Adding more nesting material to your ferret’s home area can make it more comfortable. To make a comfy hiding area for your ferret, stuff a corner of its cage with shredded paper towels or tissue.

Ferrets Bedding Options?

Alongside paper bedding, there are some other safe bedding options for your ferrets. Some of them are:

Aspen Shavings

You can use aspen shavings, which are completely safe for ferrets, as bedding. They are safe, non-toxic, and absorbent, unlike cedar shavings, which contain oils that can be dangerous. You can easily get aspen shavings at pet supply stores.

Fleece Blankets And Hammocks

Fleece blankets or hammocks as bedding for extra comfort and warmth. Your ferret will love these cushy places to rest and curl up. Besides, fleece is a low-maintenance alternative because it is easy to wash.

Wood Shavings (Don’t Use Cedar)

You can use wood shavings as bedding if you don’t use cedar. Instead of using cedar shavings, use other safe options. Wood shavings not only make the cage feel more natural, but they also aid in keeping the area clean.

High-Quality Hay Or Straw

You can line the floor of the cage with these natural choices, which provide a varied texture. On the other hand, you might have to change them more often than other bedding fabrics.

Commercial Ferret Bedding Products

Liner, mat, and ferret-specific hammock and tent options are available at many pet stores as commercial ferret bedding products. The convenience of these things is enhanced by their thoughtful design, which prioritizes the comfort and protection of ferrets.

Can Ferrets Have Blankets In Their Cage?

Being naturally inquisitive, ferrets will occasionally munch on things they find while exploring their environment. Ferrets run the risk of swallowing traditional bedding particles like wood chips, which can cause gastrointestinal problems. 

Recycled materials such as blankets, t-shirts, and towels make excellent bedding for ferret cages. A ferret can curl up on or play on these plush, fabric-based surfaces with ease. In addition, they provide less of a choking hazard than mattresses made of particleboard.

To keep the living space clean and hygienic, it is essential to closely monitor these fabric items and wash them quickly when they get dirty with food or droppings.

Blankets are a great way to personalize a ferret’s cage while also making it more comfortable for the animal.


So, as an answer to: do ferrets need bedding- we can say that it’s more like an addition than a necessity. But your ferret’s taste and the frequency of your cleaning sessions should guide your bedding selection.

A healthy and pleasant living space for your active ferret can be achieved with regular monitoring and bedding changes. Make sure to avoid a few bedding options that we mentioned to be harmful to your ferret.